Create an immersive showcase website for a photographer

The project involved creating a website for an amateur photographer to showcase all of his best work. Since photography wasn’t his main profession, the goal wasn’t to attract clients but rather to use the site as a showcase, giving more importance to the photos.

Alberto Bissacco

UX/UI Design

Release date
January 2021

Research and Analysis

After initial assessments with the client, I conducted research on possible design styles for similar websites, which were then presented to the client, explaining him pro and cons of every style.

Ideation and Prototyping


Considering the client’s need to upload his work independently and his complete lack of experience with WordPress (the platform used for the site), I decided to create a simple structure that would allow the client to add photos and albums autonomously.


I then created various wireframes and prototypes to test the usability and user experience of the site, ensuring that the structure was intuitive and functional.

Fulfill the client’s needs

With the request of indipendence in mind, I built the website through Elementor, a drag and drop plug-in of wordpress, which was the easiest way to meet the request.
Then I educate the client and I made him a step by step guide on how to upload new works.

Design and Development

The final design choice favored a minimal dark style with a clean interface and simple navigation, all intended to highlight the photographs, which were the main content of the site.

Special attention was paid to the responsiveness of the site since the majority of users accessed it from mobile devices, ensuring visual effectiveness across all devices.