Motivational workout app prototype to inspire phisical activity

Here’s the story of my personal project, where I aimed to put my UX/UI skills to the test by creating this app. I wanted to develop a simple yet effective application to showcase my abilities.

With a dash of creativity and some marketing knowledge, I designed an eye-catching logo to represent my project. With the visual identity in place, I enthusiastically embarked on the journey of crafting the app itself. And now, I’m excited to share the result of my work!

Personal Project

UX/UI Design

Release date

Problem Statement

Many runners struggle with staying motivated due to a lack of accountability, monotonous workouts, and the absence of a supportive community. These factors often lead to decreased motivation, irregular training schedules, and, ultimately, the abandonment of running goals.

There is a clear need for an innovative solution that not only keeps runners engaged and motivated but also provides them with the tools and community support necessary to sustain a long-term running habit.


Taking into account the users’ needs, I initiated a brainstorming phase to generate innovative ideas and explore various features that addressed these needs. Subsequently, I created preliminary sketches to visualize the main ideas, focusing on a user-friendly and intuitive design.

Brand identity

The choice of typography and colors was made to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through running. For example, the use of orange, which conveys energy and motivation, stimulates physical activity and encourages a positive mindset, perfectly aligning with our goal.

The Spartrun logo is born from the union of three fundamental concepts: movement, spartan, and start run.

  • The choice of fluid lines and dynamic shapes is intended to convey a sense of movement.
  • The use of a Spartan as an icon immediately recalls values such as strength, discipline, and endurance.
  • Start run represents the idea of embarking on a journey, both physical and symbolic, and invites action.

The Spartrun logo is thus a perfect synthesis of movement, strength, and beginning. The dynamism of the shapes, the Spartan iconography, and the invitation to action combine to create an image that is both powerful and motivating at the same time.

Keep up the motivation

In SpartRun, I created sections like ‘Community’ and ‘Ranking’ that act as constant sources of inspiration, helping runners stay committed and motivated on their fitness journey. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, engage in friendly competition, and watch as your passion for staying fit reaches new heights!


Immagine having a dedicated space where you can connect with fellow runners in your area.
You can easily organize group runs, find training partners, and make challenges together. Plus, it’s a lot more fun and engaging than running alone!

The end goal is to create some challenges/tournament between different clubs with different rewards (for example discount in stores).


Competition is usually accompanied by motivation and the desire to be the best, in here runners can challenge each other across various distances, speeds, and even different cities and countries.
Whether you’re aiming to be the fastest in your neighborhood or the best in the world, the ranking system provides a dynamic and motivating platform to push your limits and achieve your personal best.

High fidelity design

Discover the App

Click the button “ENTER” on the phone to discover and navigate through the App.

NOTE: This is a preview, not everything is clickable, but if you try to click on the screen, it highlights what is clickable.